Huayou Americas, Inc. is a company formed from MK Import/Export, Inc. and Huayou International, Inc. Huayou International had been selling cobalt products while MK was focused on titanium, nickel, and more. The combination of the two business will allow for better service for our customers as many use products from both companies. We serve a wide range of industries including ceramics, pigments, catalysts, plating, and mining markets.

As a leading supplier in the Asian battery market, Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt has cemented itself as a premier manufacturer of cobalt salts, chemicals, and metals. In association with Huayou Americas, Huayou is expanding its geographic footprint with an established office in Westlake, Ohio to service North and South America. Huayou Americas is involved in sourcing solutions beyond cobalt and looks forward to providing you with the product quality, service, and support that your company expects and deserves.